This past Friday Dugan went missing from his yard in Muskegon. Good news, he's been found!!

The family tells FOX 17 someone contacted them early Wednesday morning saying they had purchased the dog from someone and wanted to return him. Police located the dog and reunited him with the Gales later in the day.

No other details about the dog’s whereabouts were available.

The family believes Dugan was taken from their yard Friday while wearing his service vest.

In case you don't know the story about the once missing pitbull-mastiff

Dugan is a service animal to 11 year old Tyler. This of course qualifies Dugan as a very good boy.

I can only imagine the heart break the family experienced waiting to hear ANY news about the missing furry friend.

I'm just glad this story has a happy ending.

Joni Gale via Facebook
Joni Gale via Facebook

If you haven't seen the pictures ... check the Fox 17 story to see one happy dog and 2 happy boys.

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