A boy's service dog has gone missing in Muskegon. Police and the family are asking for your help.

WZZM reports that the police in Muskegon are asking for help Finding "Dugan" a registered service dog for a young man with autism named Tyler Gale.

‎Joni Gale via Facebook

"Police say Dugan was last seen around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, March 3 at the Gale home. The family lives near the intersection of S. Getty Street and E. Laketon Avenue."

WZZM reports that the boy went inside to use the bathroom, and returned to find that Dugan had vanished.

Dugan is a reddish-brown Pitbull-Mastiff mix with white spots on his chest and paws. Dugan is also blind in one eye, and was last seen wearing a blue service dog backpack.

If you see Dugan, please contact Joni Gale, at 231-683-0273.

Maybe we can help track down this young man's best friend.

I've always wanted a mastiff ... they're so big and cuddly looking. You just KNOW they're big old puppies.

I hope Dugan is found and returned safe and sound to his family.

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