This week we are checking out two new movies coming out in theaters.

Here Today

The first movie to check out this weekend is Here Today, Billy Crystal's latest movie about a comedy writer who strikes up an unusual friendship.  Tiffany Haddish plays a woman who won a celebrity auction for a date with Crystal's character because he ex was a huge fan, but she has no idea who he is.  After a rocky start, the two help each other out in ways that they didn't expect.

Here Today is not getting great reviews with Rotten Tomatoes scoring it a 47%, and metacritic is right on par as well with their score of 39/100.  You can see Here Today in theaters right now.

Wrath of Man

Jason Statham stars in this action thriller about a mysterious man who gets a job as a cash truck security guard.  He gets the job because his son was killed in a cash truck heist years ago and he wants to find out who did it.  And now Statham is bringing his epic action skills to hunt down the people who killed his son.

Wrath of Man is getting decent reviews with Rotten Tomatoes scoring it a 70% and metacritic isn’t too far behind with a 59/100.  You can see Wrath of Man in theaters right now.

You can hear the movies reviewed by Steve below.

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