We love our beer and crack fries in Grand Rapids, but Kent County is NOT the obese county in Michigan. So who is? Look east, my friends, to my old hometown. 24/7 Wall Street took a look at the obesity data from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and broke down the fattest county in every state.

For Michigan, that "honor" went to my boyhood home, Saginaw County, where there is no lack of great food places like Tony's to supply our desire to get our fill.

For the record Saginaw broke down the stats this way in earning the title of most obese county in Michigan:

Saginaw County, Michigan
> Obesity rate: 38.9% (county) 31.5% (state)
> Adults who do not exercise: 23.1% (county) 24.4% (state)
> Adults with diabetes: 12.8% (county) 10.4% (state)
> Poverty rate: 17.9% (county) 15.0% (state)

For the record, on the opposite side of the spectrum is Leelanau County, where just 22 percent of adults are considered obese. It's all that healthy Northern air and working outside in the cold, isn't it?

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