It's been a busy couple of weeks for our country since President Obama left office and President Trump took over. There have been things that people like, people hate, people don't understand, and people have made fun of.

But what are people from Michigan and other states Googling to learn more about? has done the research on what people are Googling the most, and broken it down by location. So, here's what people have been searching for the most in Michigan:

  • Betsy Devos
  • Betsy Devos confirmation hearing
  • Did Trump bad Muslims?
  • What does the term snowflake mean?
  • Wikileaks pizzagate
  • Trump is a liar
  • How the f*** did Trump win?
  • Greg Phillips voter fraud

There's a nice selection of great questions there. Probably paints Michigan in a much better (and more intelligent) light than those poor people in Mississippi, who just seem to be searching:

  • 3 Doors Down

Or maybe those confused people in South Carolina, who are Googling:

  • What is a p***y hat?

Arkansas is keeping things a bit more practical, or maybe they're thinking about sealing themselveds off from the rest of the US:

  • How to build a wall?

And, of course, those Texans are jumping right to the question we should probably all be asking:

  • Can Texas secede?

If Texas can, and does, maybe we should all consider jumping ship?

Luckily, those Iowans aren't even bothered by anything, and continue to search for the one thing we're probably all wondering about:

  • Russian prostitutes

Or maybe not. If you want to see what other states are searching the web for most, check out the complete list over at!

Post Election Googles
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