It would be one thing if the trees in Michigan were raining down investments, as in Acorn Investments, but they are actually pouring down acorns...the nut. Michigan trees are bestowing a lot of their seeds this year, more than usual, and this is why...

@michiganradio Stressed-out trees are raining down acorns across Michigan. MSU horticulturist Bert Cregg explains why at the link in our bio. #acorns #michigan ♬ original sound - Michigan Radio

The mast of acorns can be attributed to weather conditions from last year. 2 summers ago, it was hot and dry. The trees thought they were gonna die! They produced flowering buds. The males flowers mated with the female flowers and...BOOM! Babies! This comes to the delight of squirrels, chipmunks and other forest creatures.

Photo by Nicolas Ruiz on Unsplash
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When last years hot summer came, it tricked trees into thinking they weren't going to live. An evolutionary response is to reproduce. This is where the budding flowers came into play. These flowers turned into the acorns that we are seeing and hearing now. 
Photo by Ing W on Unsplash
Acorn flowers typically appear early in the spring with their pale green color. Many times a late frost will prevent them from reaching advanced stage. 2021's Spring did not harm the buds and therefore, they grew! The trees are also producing walnuts, cones and fruit.
Photo by Alexander Klarmann on Unsplash
Crops usually alternate good and bad yield years and 2021 is a good yield. The energy used by trees to produce acorns and walnuts does affect their overall growth. When more acorns come, the trees will have less energy for shoots and height in growth. You might notice more offspring in your trees but less need for trimming. 
Photo by Alfred Schrock on Unsplash
The next time you're noticing acorns in the park or your yard, just know those seeds are here because the tree was FREAKING out! Near death experience! All the tree was trying to do was leave a legacy. 

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