The Grand Rapids Griffins, in conjunction with the athletic aesthetics web site Uni-Watch, have chosen a winner in the annual contest to select an alternative jersey for a 'fauxback' game this season.

(No, it's not THAT one, you have to look inside to see the winner)

The web site mulled through all the entries and had their readers select the best 12. The Griffins management then chose the winner from that list.

Again, the rules this year were to imagine what the Griffins jersey would have looked like had the team existed in the '80s. Jerseys back then could get a little wild, and the winner was the jersey that they felt best held to that theme.

Marissa Malson, the Griffins’ Director of Digital Marketing, announced the winner, in conjunction with Uni-Watch this morning:

Thank you to all 119 of our designers who entered the contest and congratulations to our 12 finalists! It was a difficult decision, but the Griffins have chosen John Elbertson as our winner! John’s design will be worn on ‘80s Fauxback Night on Jan. 12, 2018. He’ll also receive a personalized version of his jersey and tickets to the game. Finally, thanks to Phil and Uni Watch for once again hosting a fantastic contest!

John Elbertson via Uni-Watch

It's kind of a hockey take on the horizontal striping theme used by many teams in the '80s, most notably the Chicago White Sox and the Atlanta Hawks. I like it, and I want one. I'm not sure if they'll be selling them in the gift shop.

The team will don John's jersey for their 'Fauxback Night' (basically a fake throwback to a time when the team didn't exist) on January 12, 2018. John will be in attendance and receive a jersey with his name on the back.

Quick Question: Since we're imaging a Griffins history in the '80s, could we have them winning the Turner Cup (from the old IHL) in 1983, 84 and 85?

Now, let's get to this jersey, that won the voting in its round, but was disqualified because of copyright violations.

Yes, how many times have you wanted to see Peter Griffin of Family Guy on a jersey? Well, now, at least you have an idea of how that might look:

Wes Rickards via UniWatch

You can view all the Griffins jersey contest entries by scrolling down through the UniWatch home page here.