The traffic circle at Monroe and Knapp has a problem. During afternoon rush hour, the drivers on Monroe don't feel they have to yield to anyone else. The rules say other wise, so stop it!

As Jon Anderson of Yes (who will be at 20 Monroe Live this week) used to sing, 'I'll be the roundabout", which means he yields to traffic in the circle, darn it!

I have been repeatedly baffled by the drivers on Monroe, particularly northbound, who feel they don't have to stop while entering the roundabout at Knapp at the south end of Riverside Park.

This leads to a problem. Timid drivers on Knapp who can't force the situation are left holding the rest of us up as they struggle to get into the circle.

Believe me when I tell you that ain't me. If you're flying down Monroe and it's my turn in the circle, I WILL swap paint with you, so be forewarned.

I thought this was just an afternoon problem, but listeners to my rant this morning shared that it's also happening during morning rush.

Lee was one of the many who dropped me an e-mail:

Good morning Jojo, just was listening to you about the roundabouts on Monroe, I drive that road everyday for work, and what I notice from people they don't stop or yield. 101 in driving into a roundabout is to yield and always look to your left when entering the roundabout treat it as a yield sign. Have a great day...

And to make matters worse, Lee, THERE IS A YIELD SIGN THERE! USE IT!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here's a shot of NM Monroe via Google maps, which clearly shows not one, but two yield signs...

I think what confuses Monroe drivers is the fact that there's a stop sign for drivers coming out of the Riverside Park parking area, so they assume there's also a stop sign on Knapp. There isn't. It's a yield just like you have. So slow down...

That is all.



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