Ah, yes. The dog days of summer

Growing up in a small suburb of Detroit in the '70s and '80s, the day would start with rolling out of bed on a muggy summer morning.

Our home back then didn’t have central air. So, the house was already getting warm with the morning sun, get to the kitchen and pour yourself a bowl of Cap 'n Crunch cereal, and head outside to play.

As a kid, we were never allowed to play in the house -- unless it was raining.

So, when working construction in my sandbox or jumping huge ramps in the backyard to emulate what I watched stuntman Evel Knievel do on TV, a kid can build quite a thirst!

In my day, soda pop was a treat and an everyday staple for kids was either a drink off the garden hose or to mix up a pitcher of Kool-Aid!

Since his introduction in a 1954 by its Nebraska manufacturer, Kool-Aid Man has maintained his role as the friendly face behind the iconic 88-year-old brand.

The famed spokespitcher will once again be introduced to another generation, including new 15- and 30-second TV spots, social media outreach and public appearances where he'll return to his roots exclaiming his signature two-word, iconic catchphrase, "Oh, yeah!".

Fans can follow Kool-Aid on social media for additional product news and updates at www.facebook.com/koolaid www.twitter.com/koolaid. For more information, visit www.koolaid.com.

Now, as a father of my own kids, along with millions of other families gearing up for summertime fun, Kool-Aid, the beloved American drink for decades, introduces a convenient new liquid concentrate beverage mix. Fans can now say "Oh Yeah!" to Easy Mix – delicious Kool-Aid flavor, that offers both convenience and value with 50% less sugar than leading regular sodas.

Available in three varieties – Tropical Punch, Cherry and Grape, Kool-Aid Easy Mix is now sold in 18.2-ounce bottles.

While preparing Kool-Aid has never been easier, you may still find your kids mixing the pitcher with their hands like we did.

Hey, Kool-Aid!!!

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