Clementine's is a downtown South Haven staple. Growing up there, Clem's is where you went for Mother's Day, at least one of your birthdays, maybe even your first date.

I'm always happy to hear when Clementine's gets attention, but not this kind of attention...

Wood TV 8 reports that a hidden camera was found inside the staff bathroom at Clementine's on Sunday night by a female employee.

A male employee is now facing criminal charges for placing the camera in the employee restroom. He has been fired from Clementine's.

South Haven Police Chief Natalie Thompson told Wood TV 8,

"From what I understand from the investigating officers, he was very forthcoming and admitted a lot of responsibility for what he had done."

According to another former employee who spoke with Wood TV 8, the employee bathroom is unisex and is in the downstairs of the restaurant, in a corner of a locker room.

Police say they are reviewing what, if anything, was captured on the camera before deciding which charges to pursue.


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