A couple of months ago you could get an entire box of 60 eggs for roughly $9 around Michigan, but over the course of a few months, we've seen those prices move further and further from a reasonable price.

Now it seems Michigan is truly doomed, as a mere dozen eggs are now at the all-time high price of $7.19 at a Meijer in Grand Rapids according to a post made by Meteorologist Brad Sugden.

One person who commented on his photo mentioned that they work in the egg industry and know eggs-actly why this may be happening:

I work in the egg industry, and because of the avian flu, millions of birds had to be destroyed. Plus the cost of feed and everything else has gone up. Making egg prices soar. When you have great big farms like the ones we supply to, they have to raise prices just to keep afloat, but small-time farmers, they don't have any overhead, they can sell them for basically small change. -Tresa H.

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Will The Prices Ever Go Down Again?

For now, it doesn't look like the prices will go down by a substantial amount anytime soon. Back in November, the CDC reported that "Since early 2022, more than 49 million birds in 46 states have either died as a result of bird flu virus infection or have been culled (killed) due to exposure to an infected bird." This would make one assume that it's going to take some time for healthy chickens to grow and produce eggs.

Where Can I Find Cheap Eggs?

I would imagine the big stores where you can buy in bulk would give you the best deal, but ultimately helping out local farmers is where you're going to find the best result, as they don't rely on massive egg distributors for their products. With the rise in price, the local community may be in a scramble to find local farmers.

Just don't let me catch you poaching any of them.

Michigan's Love of Chickens

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