A homeless couple in Jackson, MI decided it would be a great idea to make the Beast with Two Backs in front of the Consumers Energy headquarters building this morning. Maybe they were just proposing a new energy source? Friction?

Okay, that was gross, sorry.

Several people saw the couple on a bench in front of the building, gettin' jiggy wid it under a blanket. Hey, at least they had a blanket, right? They could have just shucked out of their clothes and gotten all boney right there in full-view! That could have been super hot, or super gross, depending on how they look.

When police arrived, they broke up the party, but decided to not arrest or cite the couple. The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office isn't so forgiving, they want charges brought against them. C-blockers. Haven't you ever just wanted to go at it somewhere in public?

Of course you have. Stop being a buzz-kill.

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