The horse running up I-75 near Monroe Tuesday may not win the Belmont Stakes, but it did cause an equal commotion.

The horse somehow got into the southbound lanes of I-75, jamming up traffic in both directions, and causing a lot of double takes from drivers who couldn't believe what they were seeing.

The thoroughbred racing horse, who was probably just as confused as the drivers, was finally brought to a halt by a couple of alert drivers.

Click On Detroit reports that Travis Larkin had just heard about the loose horse on the radio, and spotted it almost immediately, he slowed down in front of the horse, trying to corral it, along with a semi-truck who pulled along side the galloping pony.

Travis, the truck and several other drivers repeatedly worked together trying to keep the rambling horse in one place, until Travis said a white car got the inside position to keep the horse contained.

Sheriff's Deputies then used a rope to lasso the horse and reel it in, effectively ending the drama, which Travis told Click on Detroit was both funny and deadly serious at the same time.

How the horse got loose remains a mystery, but her name is Cherry, and she is back at her home this morning, probably sharing her wild tales of adventure with her equine friends.

You know I was chomping at the bit to write this story, seeing how it has a lot of horsepower. But now that I'm at the finish line, I'll let you get your legs back in the saddle and giddy up to the video below, where you can horse around with it yourself.

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