This is actually kind of cool. If you have been to a Family Fare or D&W recently, you have been asked to sign up for their new "Yes" cards. It's a shopping card that saves you money, and can get you free gas and other nice things. These cards are all over the country, but it's a first for West Michigan in nearly 20 years.

When you step up to check out, you are asked to scan your card, or give your phone number to get your discount. But, if you don't have a card, and don't want to sign up for one, here's a trick-Give Jenny's number.

You know, 867-5309. You need to also give the area code (616) but there's a good chance SOMEONE in town has given the fake number because they didn't want to give their real number.

Here's a great video from Yahoo's "Upgrade your Life" explaining and showing an example...

"Upgrade Your Life-Jenny"