I consider myself somewhat a foodie. I enjoy eating fine dining, however I'm not a snob. I'll eat a McDonalds meal and not blink. However, when it comes to pizza, how much of a difference does ingredients make?

First of all this video is a dinosaur in the internet age, it was released in 2010. I'm pretty positive I've seen this video before.

That being feels a lot like David vs Goliath. The super small shack that prides itself in volume verses the fine dining experience with caviar and imported flour.

Seeing as how this video is so old we see the end of the story. It seems the fine dining resturant (Nino's Bellissima Pizza) is no longer in business.

To be honest it's unfortunate, as I've never met a pizza I didn't like. Though if I'm being completely honest with you (and myself), I would not count myself among their clientele as spending the equivalent of my rent check on a single meal is too extravagant for me.