It seems every day we here of a band, crew member or team member from a national band either cancels show or has a fill in member due to COVID-19.

Certainly I am not trying to bum people out because I like going to shows just like everyone else but it seems now that shows are back into swing, COVID-19 has reared its ugly head on more than one occasion.

The Foo Fighters took some heat for doing some shows where only the vaccinated could attend and after all of that, they still had to postpone their show at the Forum in L.A. due to a team member testing positive for COVID-19.

Shinedown drummer Barry Kerch just days into a tour, had to sit out some shows due to catching the coronavirus even after being vaccinated.

Fallout Boy who are a part of the Hella-Mega Tour with Green Day and Weezer have had to sit out a few shows due to a team member testing positive.

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon had to sit out some shows and get a fill in guitarists while he is recovering from COVID-19. The same happened to Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Rickey Medlocke except they flat out canceled a string of shows in order for Medlocke to get cleared so they can continue their run.

Major concert promoter Live Nation now has announced that artists can hold concerts where the audience has to have proof of vaccination or a negative test for COVID-19 to enter the show.

I figured there would be a few bumps in the road for touring but it seems every corner there seems to be a cancellation, postponement or a someone filling in for a musician or crew member until the person(s) recover and test negative for COVID-19.

The Faster Horses Country Music Festival that was held in Michigan was a super spreader event where around 90 fans have reported catching COVID-19 and the number keeps climbing.

This is very concerning to everyone either involved in the concert industry or just us plain folks who love going to shows that this could all be taken away again as quickly as it has re-arrived.

I see why those managers who handle the really big artists have held back on touring until 2022, they new it was too soon to resume touring and that's why they make the big bucks.

Hopefully sooner than later things get smoothed out while more people get vaccinated.

You may want to take a picture of your proof of vaccination card and have it in your phone, soon you may need it to go to a concert, sporting event or anywhere a lot of people will be gathering.

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