A photo posted online this weekend answers that question. It's a lot.

If you live in Grand Rapids long enough, you're going to get a parking ticket. It's just a fact of life. But what number is too many parking tickets?

I'm not sure what the guidelines are when you plaster a car with parking tickets. I would think that a point comes where you would just simply tow the car away.

This bright red Suzuki sporting North Carolina plates has racked up quite a load of parking tickets along Lexington Street, and yet it continues to sit there, as if someone will come along and pay all those tickets.

My car was hauled off to the impound lot with a lot less tickets on the East Coast, so God bless us for having a patient meter maid (or dude, whichever it is).

Although I've been informed there are no meters along Lexington.

Is this your car? If if is, I'd move it before it gets buried in tickets.

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