The Michigan State Police has released data from their annual school bus safety checks, and the results can be disturbing depending on where you live.

The MSP graded school busses on a pass/yellow/red system. Pass meaning the school bus was safe, yellow meaning there were some things that needed to be addressed and red meaning FAIL.

Michigan law requires all red tagged busses to be repaired and pass a new inspection before being allowed back out of on their routes. Yellow tagged busses can continue operation, but must be repaired and pass inspection within 60 days.

There were 69 districts that had 100% of their busses fail the inspection. On the good side, 162 districts had all their busses pass the inspection.

West Michigan schools. for the most part, fared really well.

Allendale had 23 out of their 27 busses pass inspection.

Byron Center had 30 out of 38 pass.

Caledonia had 47 out of 53 pass.

Comstock Park passed 19 out of 21 busses.

Forest Hills passed 60 of 71 busses.

Grand Rapids Catholic Schools got 9 out of 13 through, while GR Christian only passed 3 out of 12.

Grand Rapids Public had 66 out of 78 pass.

Rockford Schools had one of the worse inspections of area schools with a full 25% of its busses red tagged out of its fleet of 80.

You can survey the results of the inspection here. The Detroit Free Press also has provided a searchable data base here. 

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