For all the things social media can do that is annoying (I'm looking right at you "sponsored post") and all the complaining, whining, judging and basically unfriend-like stuff that gets posted, there ARE a few things things social media gets right.

It helps our lives out on a daily basis.

Here are a few.

  1. I say "happy birthday" and "congratulations" to so many more people. Six of my "friends" in the past two days have had birthdays, had a wedding anniversary and moved on to a new job. I have been able to be a "part" of all of them because of social media.
  2. I find out a lot about news due to what gets posted more so on Twitter, but sometimes on Facebook and Instagram. From the story about Donald Sterling, to videos of cats, to every amazing "Britain's Got Talent" great discovery, I'd never see half of this without SM.
  3. Staying in touch with people I want -- or don't want -- to stay in touch with. Face it, who hasn't stalked an old girlfriend or crush on FB. It's nice to see how that girl in middle school grew up and stayed as hot as she was back then.
  4. Motivation. I have seen more motivational pictures and phrases in the past 6 years then in my first 38 years. Social media can annoy, but it can also help, teach and inspire. AND, oh yeah, there is this little kicking-butt kid!

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