Grand Rapids has earned it's way onto another list!

This time ranked 150 cities in the United States to find the most and least stressed areas. They considered many factors including stress related to money, work, family, health and safety, and just how well people cope with stress.

In the report it was found that Grand Rapids is in the top 5 for cities for fewest average weekly hours worked.

Grand Rapids is also in the top five for the lowest percentage of adults in fair/poor health.

So, maybe what they are trying to tell us is that the fewer hours we work...the healthier we become! OK, maybe that's just how I am interpreting this report. I'll make it work for me however I can!

Oh, by the way, the most stressed city is Detroit, MI. The least stressed is Fremont, CA. Overall Grand Rapids falls into the list of 150 cities at number 119.

If you want to see the complete report for yourself, it is at