Growing your own food, in your own backyard is not only a relatively cheap hobby, but it's healthy and AMERICAN (because this is my land and I'm gonna do what I want with it)

While city dwellers typically lack yard space, there are community gardens like Hillcrest Garden where you can rent a plot, and grow at your leisure on someone else's property! (Just keep it legal ok?) However, Michigan doesn't exactly provide us with the most amazing weather for a garden year round.

Even though we are getting into the colder months, that doesn't mean your green thumb has to take a hike. Modern Farmer has highlighted some of the easiest plants to grow indoors. Things like spinach, kale, micro-greens (whatever those are) tomatoes and peppers can all be brought inside over the winter months keeping you fed, healthy and happy. Ever heard of dwarf citrus? Me either but apparently that can grow inside too. No Scurvy in this household!

If you want to get stared, now is a great time! Planet Natural has a very informative and in depth guide to getting started! Plus once you buy the pots, seeds and soil, the only thing left to do is water and wait a bit. Happy gardening Grand Rapids, see you in the spring!




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