"I will find you, and I will kill you"-- is Liam Neeson's famous line in the movie "Taken". He then does some serious ass-kicking to save his kidnapped daughter. Entertaining and action-packed, but definitely not realistic, because of our dads... well, they aren't action movie stars. So how would a real dad do in that situation? Probably about as well as the dad in this video by sketch comedy group Captain Hippo. I mean, it's rough when your kid gets all taken when you're trying to enjoy some delicious meatballs. You might want to snack on some before you really start to worrry. Also,  you know rush hour traffic is going to be a real pain, so not watch some  TV and wait it out?

My favorite is the google search  "Where is my son?"

Like a typical day for some dads, the video ends with a nap on the couch and a promise of getting to saving his son... tomorrow.  "You always say you're gonna do it tomorrow," sighs the mom.

Sound familiar?