As more and more exercise gadgets are being invented -- and sold -- to help people lose weight, you'd think eventually, we'd be getting healthier. Unfortunately, this isn't happening, which could mean it's NOT about the gadgets.  That's exactly what a new study from the University of Wisconsin-La Cross has found.

Researchers found that working out with a hula hoop -- of all things -- burns about as many calories per minute as step aerobics, boot camp or very brisk walking.  Here's a Hula Hoop How to video:

The study participants were able to get their average heart rate up to a brisk 151 beats per minute and to burn about 210 calories in a half-hour class.  So go to that basement junk closet and find that old Hula Hoop.  My problem is I never could keep the hoop going for more than ten seconds much less a half hour:).  I wonder if Wham-O sponsored this study??