I know a couple of people who cant get enough of the Geico Humpday commercial. They laugh, repost on their Facebook pages, and say it EVERY Wednesday. None they less, they are still nice people and productive members of society. However, not everyone is happy with the loud mouth camel and the gekko.

Teachers in Connecticut are banning their students from quoting the popular commercial. "'Hump Day' commercial: Connecticut students banned from quoting Geico ad"

"Geico advertising execs would be pleased to know that their talking camel "Hump Day" commercial is so catchy, Connecticut middle schoolers quote it all week along. In fact, some teachers have banned their students from referencing it, calling the incessant quotations "disruptive.

"Everybody's walking around in the hallways and saying its hump day in that weird voice," said Vernon Center student Brooke Lewis. "Sometimes its the counting down to when it is," Lewis said."

The story exp;ains that it was the most shared ad of the summer, and the video seen here

has been viewed 15 million times. Even the White House has retweeted it.

Guess what day it is? :)