R.J. Woldhuis is an interesting guy. An avid runner who has been known to run in tutus, he also makes over 100k a year, just shopping. And this Saturday, he will get married at the Amway Grand River Run.

R.J., who lives in Rockford, is a Shipt shopper and ambassador who was recently featured in a Detroit Free Press pictorial highlighting his ability to make a good living off the gig economy.

But R.J. will tell you it's not a side job. It's a full time job.

The South Christian high graduate has been a Shipt shopper since 2017, and recently went over the six figure mark, earning $100,280 in 2020.

If you go to the same Meijer that R.J. shops at, chances are pretty good you know him, or will at least remember him for his brightly colored sport coats, and the costumes he will wear on holidays like St. Patrick's Day.

Fellow Shipt shopper Dawn Williams says it's his outgoing nature that makes him stand out, and be a mentor.

"Robert is a great guy! He really inspired me to keep going and always encouraged me to do the best I could and gave me helpful ideas to make my job easier and more efficient" Williams was quoted in the Freep article. 

The key is to treat every item the same, says R.J.

"I don't judge people's orders, it's all just UPC codes to me, I don't care if it is tampons or a bag of chips" says Woldhuis.

But there's more to R.J. than just shopping, Robert became an avid runner a few years back, and credits running and his strong Christian faith for turning his life around. All this after serving prison time. He is popularly known in running circles as the "Tutu Man".

“The tutu just reminds me just you know, let it go. And you know, give it to God,” Woldhuis told WOOD-TV 8 back in 2016.

And, as he announced last month, this coming Saturday, October 23, he will marry his fiancée, Heidi Jo, at the finish line of the Amway Grand River Run.

A lesson in plain sight. Just keep hustling, and moving forward, and good things will come your way!


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