Whitney Houston sung those words over 15 years ago. Never have they been truer than now. It's the kids that are in the drivers seat. With it being graduation season and all, here's a story of a teen who might have solved one of the modern world's greatest problems.

Her name is Eesha Khare and she have invented a cell phone charger that in theory could re-power your smartphone in...20 seconds. Really. This Yahoo story "Teen’s invention could charge cellphone in 20 seconds" explains how she's already making serious money with the idea.

"The future certainly looks bright for 18-year-old Eesha Khare, who pocketed a $50,000 prize for the Young Scientist award from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Ariz., for her tiny and possibly revolutionary device.

Khare sees the device as potentially powering car batteries, cellphones or any electronics that could use a rechargeable battery. “My cellphone always dies,” Khare explained to NBC San Francisco, when asked what inspired her invention.
The supercapacitor, she explains on CBS San Francisco, is “basically an energy source device that can hold a lot of energy in a small amount of volume.”
The Harvard-bound teen has caught the attention of Google, who has approached her about her device.

Google. Huh. Must be cool being courted by a little mom-and-pop outfit like Google. Wonder what THAT will do for her...