Apparently, all you have to do to get beer nowadays is make a sign and ask for it.

Twice now in the past few weeks, a man has gained beer just by holding up a sign and asking for it.

Carson King is the more famous one. he held up a sign at a football pre-game TV show and immediately was Venmoed $3000 for beer. He flipped the script and turned it into a charity drive and raised over $3 million for a Children's Hospital. Good for him!

So what do we make of 'Third Floor Sam', Grand Rapids own sign guy, who put a sign on his office window in the third floor of the New Holland Brewing Building? He claims 85 people have brought him beer since the sign appeared a year ago, and now New Holland is brewing a beer called 'Third Floor Sam'.

Of course they are.

Because Sam Hoats is a senior digital marketing strategist for New Holland. What better way to get your company's name out there in a crowded beer market than with a quirky story of beer brought up three floors to an office.

I'm not saying he never got the beer. I'm saying he worked the story to get some free publicity. And good on him for doing that! It's not easy to get attention in a crowded media world.

So do the right thing and take Carson King's example and donate the profits to a local charity. That's all I'm saying.



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