I like Keith Olbermann. I like his show on ESPN2 -- a lot.

I'm kind of peeved they moved it from 11 p.m. to 5 p.m.; I will never get to see it again.

And as much as I like Keith, his commentary and standing up for what's right and snarky good, I almost have to wonder when he will be fired.

Since the whole Ray Rice scandal hit, Olbermann has been a crusader for Rice's removal from the NFL and his arrest.

He has single-handedly been the most critical of the NFL's handling of the whole case. And now he basically just called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a wife beater.

And since Keith's bosses have a huge stake in said NFL, I have to believe at somepoint Goodell will just get tired of Olbermann's truth ... err, "abuse" and order him fired. Since he appears to have presidential power, it could happen. I hope it doesn't. Olbermann is 185 percent dead-on right.

From Olbermann this week:

I have said it before and I will say it again: There is NO excuse for men who abuse women. None. Any man who hits a woman for any reason is a coward and should be locked up. Ray Rice is no exception.

There's a comment posted by a "Matt Jones" on the Olbermann video's comment section that states "Lol, you all seem to forget one important component to this case: The victim failed to press charges. The DA could threaten a criminal all they want, but without the victim's cooperation in the matter, they have nothing. Ray Rice shouldn't have pleaded guilty because he would have easily won in court." Bullshit. The kid who posted this spelled it out in his second sentence. "the VICTIM" Just because a criminal breaks into a house and steals something, if the homeowner doesn't press charges, it DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT. Its on VIDEO of a CRIMINAL committing a CRIME.

And as Forrest Gump said: