Ludington was a bit of a buzz over the weekend as a yacht rolled into town. Well, technically, it rolled into Harbor View Marina and is owned by very wealthy person.

The Mason County Press says that 216 foot Hampshire Yacht belongs to Andrew Currie, a billionaire business man, who just so happens to be the UK's 23rd richest man.

The yacht has a crew of 17 aboard.  It's also the largest privately owned recreational vessel to be docked at the Harbor View Marina, according to the Mason County Press.

They also posted a fun fact to compare the yacht's size.  at 216 feet it's just about half of the SS Badger, the 402 foot ferry that travels between Ludington and Wisconsin. The Free Press also says it sleeps 12 people and has an on-deck pool.

The Free Press said the yacht was valued at $125M and has been cruising around the Upper Peninsula this summer, also docking at Mackinac Island.

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