The Blizzard of 2022 over Christmas week will be remembered the way some remember the legendary Blizzard of '78. The intense winds whipped up Lake Michigan and coated nearly every lighthouse and pier structure on the lakeshore with ice.

Drone photographers and videographers braved the weather to showcase the winter wonderlands.

New Buffalo

Take a look at the ice-encrusted structure in New Buffalo Harbor. The same structure formed an "ice angel" in February 2021. Timeless Aerial Phographraphy, based in Northwest Indiana captured this footage.

St Joseph

Nate's Droneography caught this video, including someone foolishly walking the icy pier where the St Joe River meets Lake Michigan.

South Haven

Timeless Aerial Photography has done outstanding work capturing the intensity of the Christmas week blizzard. Here's how things looked from South Beach in South Haven.

Grand Haven

Another video from Timeless Aerial Photography showcases the iconic lighthouse in Grand Haven.


The largest city on Michigan's western Lakehouse saw ice wrap the lighthouse that marks the entrance to the river channel. This video comes from Variable Visuals.

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