I have talked about it before: "Shark Tank" is one of my TV guilty pleasures.

It's on Friday nights on ABC, so I miss it sometimes, like many people do. They also rerun it on CNBC weeknights. Bingo!

The other night a business from the Grand Rapids area was featured!

Grandville-based Funcakes Rental, which makes faux cakes that are accompanied by cheaper sheet cakes, made a pitch to ABC's "Shark Tank." (Kelly McNeal/ABC)

FunCakes Rental out of Grandville showed the Sharks their unique wedding cake business.

Kimberly Aya's firm made a replica "Shark Tank" cake, beating out more than 50,000 applicants for a spot on the ABC show. Her company produces cakes that she rents out. Her business doesn't have an oven, but instead she decorates lightweight styrofoam cakes, allowing renting a fake cake and serving cheaper cake sheets.

WZZM had this story "Made In Michigan company appears on ABC's Shark Tank"

Aya told WZZM-13:

Each cake has an edible section in the back, where the real cake can go."

WZZM-13 Reports

They didn't get a deal from the Sharks, but the exposure should help them grow right out of the gate!