She's became famous for "Frozen" and John Travolta. Now she's poppin' out all over! :) Idina Menzel was preforming a few nights ago in New Radio City Music Hall. You know, no biggie.

So when she started coming out of her top (nothing really was showing...but it could have been) she joked and got some help. Yahoo's story "Idina Menzel Not 'Frozen' by Wardrobe Malfunction" tells the tale.

"Menzel had just started singing the Rent song "Take Me or Leave Me," when she picked up on a cue from the audience that her black leather bra — visible from her sparkly, silver cut-out dress — was slip, slidin' away... revealing a little bit more than desired. Instead of freaking out, Menzel calmly asked the crowd, "What? My boob's coming out?" After a stagehand ran on stage to assist her, Menzel did a little self-adjusting and kept her wits and sense of humor.

"Well, she was a sexy character," she said, referring to her breakout Rent role of Maureen, who coincidentally sings about people staring at her in the Jonathan Larson musical. "Is it in?" she asked after making some final adjustments."

Here's the video from a fan off of You Tube. Ooooooo!