In what grade do we learn the abbreviations for all Fifty Nifty United States? (Which by the way, is a sweet ass song that helps you remember all the states in order.) First, maybe second grade?

Well, these folks interviewed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" must have missed that lesson. They are hard pressed to tell us what states MI, ID, HI, MS are.

Kimmel starts off with, "Back to the other reality show going on right now, the race for the president of the United States," leading into talking about the recent state primaries and caucuses and how state names are abbreviated on TV. Kimmel wonders if people on the street are able to identify states by their abbreviations...

Yeah, no.

Brobible makes a good point:

"THIS is why Donald Trump is winning the Republican nomination race in this country – because half of the people here are too f------ dumb to be bothered to look up information on the candidate they’re voting for, let alone know basic United States geography."


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