If you are flying out of town for the holiday weekend, you better plan a head because there are going to be some long lines at airports all around the United States.

I have not flown in a while and one this is for sure, is I don't miss it all. I know we have to have the security checks, wear masks and try and keep our distance from others but I'm glad to be driving this weekend.

According to WOOD, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says people traveling for Memorial Day weekend should be patient because there will be long lines at U.S airports.

Hopefully the airports are smart and have the proper amount of employees staffed for the rush this weekend. People have been cooped up for well over a year and with this kind of cabin fever that will be going on, plus lights COVID-19 restrictions across the country, this will more than likely be the busiest fly weekend since before the pandemic began.

Many airline companies and security companies have been hiring like crazy to prepare for this busy holiday weekend of travel.

If you are flying with kids, looking for some packing tips, traveling with pets or military, here is a link for some travel tips from the Gerald R Ford International airport.

The federal government has a mandatory mask mandate that all travels must follow or they won't be allowed on the airplane. The mask mandate will more than likely last until mid to late September.

WOOD reported that domestic travel has risen to pre-pandemic levels. According to airline executives say that people passing through United States airports will likely be over 2 million people before the end of this week. Airports haven't seen this kind of traveling from Americans since early March of 2020.

Airline executives say domestic leisure travel is at pre-pandemic levels, and the number of people passing through U.S. airports daily is likely to top 2 million before the week is over — the first time that has happened since early March 2020.

No matter where you go or how you get there, be safe and plan a head. More people will be at the airports and on the road that we have seen in over a year.

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