Every school has those one or two field trips that every single kid will go on no matter when they go to school there. If you go to the same school your parents went to back in the day, you're probably going to go on the same trip that they went on 20+ years ago.

So, we decided to ask around (by asking you on Facebook) to see what those trips are for kids in West Michigan. If you went to school around here, you definitely visited at least one of these of these places.

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    John Ball Zoo

    A staple of every West Michigan kid's childhood is going to the zoo. Sure, you probably go as a family, but if you grew up in West Michigan, you definitely took a trip to the zoo with your classmates at some point.

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    Cedar Point

    A LOT of lucky West Michigan kids have taken a school trip to "America's Rockin' Roller Coast" at some point over the years. Generally, this isn't a trip taken by elementary school kids, but at some point in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade you probably took the trip.

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    Scott Lewis/TSM

    Michigan's Adventure

    It may not be the roller coast, but Michigan's Adventure is still a ton of fun. Chances are that if you grew up in West Michigan, you road coasters and floated the lazy river with your classmates at some point.

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    The Henry Ford/Greenfield Village

    This was probably the comment that we saw the most. Seemingly EVERY kid in West Michigan has hopped on a bus and headed to Dearborn to visit The Henry Ford/Greenfield Village. Cars, little villages, a Ford factory tour - it really has it all!

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    Frederik Meijer Gardens

    Whether it was for a specific exhibit like "Butterflies are Blooming" or Christmas Around the World, or just a general visit to wander the grounds - hundreds of thousands of West Michigan kids have taken a field trip to Frederik Meijer Gardens.

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    Kellogg's Factory

    This one only applies to anyone who was in school prior to 1986. Back in the day, everyone went to check out the Kellogg's factory tour in Battle Creek. But Kellogg's stopped doing the tours back in 1986 due to fears of someone stealing company secrets.

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    Capital Building - Lansing

    The Michigan State Capital Building is a must-see for civics, political science, history, and social studies teachers around West Michigan, apparently. This was the second most common answer when we asked about your school field trips. There's not really much more we can say about it - it's the capital building. It's pretty cool, we guess.

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    Nelis' Dutch Village

    Another great "right in our backyard" field trip hundreds of thousands of West Michigan kids have taken over the years is the jaunt to Holland to check out Nelis' Dutch Village. There's a one-room schoolhouse, you can dress in Dutch clothing, they teach you a little Dutch, and you get to explore. What could be more fun than that?

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    Google Street View

    The Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Umm... I don't know why the Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant is a hot destination for field trips, but several of you said that you visited the plant back in school for science class. Pretty glad that we missed out on that one, actually...

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