So originally this caught my eye because for Christmas I got a new winter coat that is some brand from Canada and has a patch sewn on the sleeve, so I thought I was lucky enough to have a jacket people were trying to jack.  I’ve never been that cool.

CBS Chicago has a story about how in people wearing Canada Goose jackets in Chicago are getting robbed FOR THEIR JACKET!

CBS Chicago says 8 times in 6 days people were forced to give up their jackets.  Because they are "luxury jackets" people are stealing them for status upgrades.  When the news station calls them “luxury jackets", that’s pretty much when I knew that I didn’t have the same coat.

I remember the Burlington gift receipt that came with the jacket, AND I highly doubt they’re selling “luxury jackets” for $89; especially when CBS Chicago says the “real” Canada Goose jackets start at $495 and can go up to $1,695.

So If I go to Chicago, my jacket probably won’t get robbed… unless they’re just cold and not going for status; but if you go and you DO own one of those jackets, be alert.

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