The spotted lantern fly is an invasive species that Michigan would just as soon not have, so feel free to smush as many as possible, just report it first.

The Department of Natural Resources is asking residents to be on the look out for the spotted lantern fly.

Joann Foreman of the DNR told FOX 17 News, "We definitely don’t want these bugs in Michigan...because not only do they suck sap, but they also let off what’s called a 'honey dew'. It’s sort of the sugary, sticky liquid that creates a black sooty mold on the plants that they infect."

The lantern flies are native to southeast Asia but they're making their way across the east coast. Lantern flies in Pennsylvania seem to be attracted to plants that Michiganders cherish such as wine grapes, cherries and hops.

Michigan DNR
Michigan DNR

Experts believe the spotted lantern flies could arrive in Michigan on vehicles. The insects tend to lay eggs on cars.

So what can YOU do? According to the Lansing State Journal, you should take these actions:

  • Don't bring them here. Be very careful to check cars and outdoor gear for all stages of spotted lantern flies, especially egg masses, if traveling through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland or Virginia.

  • Remove tree-of-heaven. Spotted lantern flies seem to especially love tree-of-heaven when they infest a new area, so removing the trees could slow their spread. Tree-of-heaven sprout from stumps, so they are best killed by carefully applying herbicide.

  • Report sightings: See a lantern fly? Tell the state at or 800-292-3939, or Howard Russell at

We could also take matters into our own hands and smush as many as possible. My stink bug kill numbers are into the thousands so I plan to do my share.



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