Remember the excitement the family got when playing Wii sports? It's coming back but in a new form.

What's the History of the Nintendo Wii?

Prior to the Wii gaming system coming out on November 19, 2006, when you played video games at home you would sit down on the floor, gaming chair, or couch but it wasn't a family event in most cases.

What I loved about the Wii gaming system were the sports games because everyone in the family could play no matter their age within reason. You stood up to play many of the games, moved your arms in different ways to work the controller and it was fun for the whole family.

It was just as fun watching the family play as it was playing the games. My son and I still have a Wii system that we have replaced the controllers a few times for but we still enjoy these games.

When my son was really young he figured out a way to play that sword-fighting game and no one in the family could beat him. We were all shocked that he would just pummel everyone, but that is what made Wii sports fun, anyone of any age could win.

How Can You Play the New Wii Sports?

Nintendo has announced they are going to bring back Wii sports in April for the Nintendo Switch. I don't own a Nintendo Switch, but after seeing the new graphics for the Wii Sports for the Switch, this may be a future purchase for the household.

Nintendo is calling it "Nintendo Switch Sports" and many of the favorites are coming back. I loved the Wii bowling and tennis and it will be back with chambara (sword-fighting). Nintendo is adding three new sports to the game that include badminton, soccer, and volleyball which sounds like lots of family fun. Can you imagine the fun the family can have together playing soccer, volleyball, and badminton? There's also going to be an update later in the year for golf.

WOOD reported that similar to the Wii, players will use the Switch controllers like you would the Wii controllers and even be able to strap one of them to your leg for some of the games. You will also be able to play online with family, friends, and even random users.

What Nintendo Wii Sports Are Not Coming Back?

Nintendo is not bringing everything back like baseball, boxing, and any of the Wii Sports Resort games which are kind of a bummer because my son, his older brother, and myself loved playing the wakeboarding game but we can still do that on our old Wii system as long as it continues to hold up.

If your family has been missing a family game night on the Wii, beginning in April you can lock in a family game night with the Nintendo Switch Sports.

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