I'm not sure we've encountered this problem around West Michigan, but this is a cool story from lemonade giant, Country Time Lemonade, (I don’t know if they are a “lemonade giant” or not) but they're stepping up to help kids outta trouble.

According to WZZM13, Country Time has created a new legal team called “Legal-ade” to help kids who get fined by their city for selling lemonade without a permit.  Seriously.  They’ve created a fund and plan to pay for the legal fines “young entrepreneurs” may face trying to enjoy capitalism.

Legal-Ade’s motto says it all "when life gives you arcane laws, make lemonade."

I'm not sure we have had this problem around West Michigan but if so, they’re even reimbursing fines from last summer.

The best part is, they’re reimbursing even fines from last summer. WZZM13 reports that they will pay either fines or fees for permits up to $300 for either 2017 or 2018.  You just have to file a complaint HERE




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