Or if you had a dad, you'll love this as well. I'm warning you ahead of time, you're going to need to get your tissues out.

A lifelong fan of the movie 'Princess Bride' (and who isn't a fan? If you're not, check your pulse, you may be dead) posted a video to TikTok about the connection she had to the movie through her dad, who recently passed away due to cancer.

She had a question about a certain scene that reminded her of her father.

It's the scene where Inigo Montoya, played masterfully in the film by veteran actor Mandy Patinkin, finally confronts the six fingered man who killed his father.

Through tears, the young fan relates a story she had heard about the scene as it related to Patinkin and where he got the motivation to say a certain line forcefully.

Someone eventually passed her story on to Patinkin, who stands with his wife and views it while on camera.

Mandy's fan TikTok page shared the video, and it's both heartwarming and emotional. Now excuse me while I go cry for a while over in the corner.

And now to make you laugh after that heaviness, here's Mandy twerking.


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