It's no secret that Michigan has gone kind of cuckoo with these extended stay-at-home orders, but some Michiganders have gone as far to protest our governor. And because of that, our neighbor to the south decided to take a jab.

When you're entering the state of Indiana, a digital billboard along the border on I-69, reads

The Great State of Indiana Welcomes Michiganders to a Free-To-Roam State

When you're leaving Indiana, to head back to Michigan, the othe billboard says

Now Entering Michigan: Really? You’re sure about this?

Ouch. Stings a little but it's still pretty funny. The president of the billboard told the Detroit Free Press, the billboard is meant to encourage Michiganders to visit Indiana

We go to parks, we can go to restaurants, we can go to the lake, you can fish, you can boat, etc. Where Michigan's Gov. Whitmer is actually locking things down even more and people are frustrated.

He also told WOOD-TV that lots of Michiganders were already there over the Memorial Day weekend.

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