How dope would it be to be able to take your furry animal to an indoor dog park with air conditioning and being able to sip on a cold beer or mixed drink while doing? That's livin' the life right there. That's also a possible reality for West Michiganders, as Plainfield Township is pretty close securing the last available liquor license to apply to a new indoor dog park they plan on opening soon. Last week the board had two choices as to who the last liquor license would go to and they chose The Pack Indoor Dog Park, according to Wood TV.

The layout of the indoor park will be unlike anything in the area, featuring a restaurant with foods that come with dog names like “The Greyhound” and “The Golden” and even a “Puppy Menu” for kids. There will also be a workspace set up with free WiFi offered throughout the park,  and an outdoor patio for adults and their pets. The park will also be offering day care services so coffee, breakfast sandwiches and bagels will also be available in the morning for owners dropping off their pets.

As far as the alcohol they plan on offering, as of now they've planned to offer beer, wine, seltzers and pre-made cocktails. The last step in securing that ability rests with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for approval. If things keep progressing positively, Co-owners Wrona and her daughter, Raechel Macqueen hope to have it up and running by October.

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