Okay, fantasy sports have officially gotten out of control.

Our Sundays in fall are dominated by men desperately trying to squirm their way out of going antiquing so they can watch games between teams they don't even like solely because they have the backup tight end on their roster. Yes, our love of fantasy football has eclipsed our love of other people.

Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer has taken on our obsession with fantasy football with this brilliant new (NSFW for language) sketch in which NFL stars turn the tables by complaining about the everyday things everyday men do.

Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, Redskins tight end Vernon Davis, Jets fullback Tommy Bohanon and Hall of Famer Michael Strahan all star in this clever sketch that will probably hit too close to home.

Oh, sure, we may be in the offseason right now, but you know you pick apart players like the stooges in this video do. You just need the spring to re-charge your battery before training camp opens and you can start scouting in earnest.

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