This video from MSU shows a simple band that players of any sport can wrap around their head at the start of a game. When they take a hard hit, all a coach has to do is pull out the band. Reading the results is as simple as a pregnancy test.

Gary Blanchard and Marcos Dantus, with MSU’s Department of Chemistry, have invented a headband that records the severity and location of impacts. This inexpensive detector allows coaches, parents and doctors to quickly decide to initiate concussion protocols at sporting events, such as football or soccer.

Michigan State University via YouTube

I'm shocked about two things ... though they're probably related.

1) Why isn't this a thing that's already implemented at every single school in America? Seriously, this is some amazing tech. For anybody to know 'Okay, this kid needs medical help right away.' That seems like a no brainer (no pun intended).

2) Why does this video only have (at my posting) 136 views? The word on this tech needs to spread like wild fire.

People will share political facts videos all day long, but a video about an early warning system (if you will) for concussions. That seems like something EVERYBODY needs to see.

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