When I left work on Friday, JoJo said, "Go get into trouble!" He was joking but if I were to try to get into trouble, perhaps I could do it at an Irish bar. So, I went to Flannagan's.

Michael Sean was keeping the bar. When I walked up to check out the scene, he offered beer, a few mixed drinks or Irish Coffee. Since it was cold, I decided that an Irish Coffee was in order. Coffee and Jamison whiskey? Yep, that would keep me warm!


The set-up outside at Flannagan's consisted of a 3 sided tent with space heaters. There were about 5 tables and all of them were full. Flannagan's offered a small menu. You could grab walking tacos or hot dogs. Michael Sean told me that Flannagan's hopes to expand their outside dining area. They would like to keep the outdoor option going even when the inside is back open officially. Michael Sean mentioned that the outdoor tent has kept them in business during the shut-down.


While I was hanging out, there was a steady stream of customers stepping up to the bar. I saw quite a few people order hot dogs and wander off. At Flanagan's, there was a cute couple who were on a date. They had just wrapped up ice skating. A table of twenty-something's was warming up with very, small, neat glasses of Fireball. So...ya, shots. An older retired man was enjoying his beer. He's going to visit his daughter in Arkansas as soon as the pandemic is over. I met Kelley and Sash and if I truly wanted to get into trouble, those ladies would have been instrumental. Kelley and Sash were  having a girls moment. We won't get into details about the Tinder conversations.


Did I get into trouble? No. I did meet some cool people though and if you're looking for a quick stop while downtown Grand Rapids, try Flannagan's. You can grab an Irish Coffee and a Hot Dog. If it doesn't sound like they'd pair well together, just know, they are perfect together on a chilly afternoon.

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