When I go to Chicago, one of the places on my lists of “OH, if we have time I’d like to eat at…” is Cheesecake Factory.  So of course, I move to Grand Rapids and think “Man, they have a PF’s, they must have a Cheesecake Factory, too", but no… no, we don’t. The closest in-state location is Novi; so I reached out to find out when Grand Rapids would be getting a Cheesecake Factory.

Good news and bad news. Well kind of good news, good news, bad news, because, GOOD NEWS! I received a reply back from the Cheesecake Factory pretty quickly!  Also, good news was the second line of, Lera Scaletta’s (she works at Cheesecake Factory corporate) email, which said:

We are extremely pleased to confirm that we are continuing to expand, and appreciate your inquiry about Grand Rapids, Michigan.

But they immediately followed it up with the bad news:

At this time, we have yet to sign a lease at that location.

She was very nice and told me to keep checking their website cheesecakefactory.com because, in the location area of their site, it shows locations “coming soon”. Maybe me reaching out will give them the extra push to open here sooner than later? Well, one can hope.

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