What a time to be alive. It's no hoverboard however they say it will last 10+ minutes, can go 100 mph, and take you up 10,000 feet. Neat.

We’ve been test flying JB-9 for several years with awesome results. It is inherently stable but also capable of very dynamic maneuvers thanks to our approach to engine vectoring. Early testing of our next version, JB-10, indicates that it will achieve flights of over 10,000 feet altitude (not that many pilots will be needing to fly that high!), at speeds greater than 100 mph and with an endurance of 10 minutes + (depending on pilot weight).

All with a device you can put in the back seat of a car!

Certainly I can't be the only person who thinks about how nice it would be to walk out the front door and fly to work. Zooming past the traffic on 28th and Beltline watching everybody battling the S curve. Coming in for a smooth landing at my office.

However, I'm positive that this will be 1) exorbitantly expensive in practice and 2) abused by idiots hovering over backyards leading to a ban or requirement for expensive jetpack flyer license.

Ah well. Fun to day dream about.