We all can agree that we need to "fix the damn roads" here in Michigan, but so far we haven't found the money to do that yet, but that could soon change.

The State Senate is soon going to decide whether or not MDOT should go ahead and do the research at possibly making some of the roads in Michigan toll roads, according to WWMT.

MDOT is wanting to do a feasibility study on whether it would make sense to make any roads in the mitten state toll roads and also identifying which roads would make sense as toll roads. WWMT says that if the Senate approves the study, it would take about a year and half to complete.

Jeff Cranson, the communication director at MDOT explained in the WWMT story the reason why our gas tax was no longer able to keep up our road conditions as it had in the past,

"We are driving more fuel-efficient cars which is a good thing but that also means we are getting better mileage and our cars are doing the same amount of damage to the roads. So we need a better long-term fix and tolling is a more direct user fee."

It's all still in the early stages but WMMT reports Jeff and MDOT are pretty optimistic that they'll be able to move forward with the feasibility study soon.

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