Halloween is a simple concept: you get dressed up in a costume, you yell 'trick or treat' at someone's door, and they give you candy.

So why do we have to get all judgy about it? 

A new (and might I say super judgy) report seeks to determine the best states for your trick or treating fun, well, at least when it comes to candy.

According to a report by the shopping app, Ibotta, the average American spends about $16.45 per person on candy for Halloween, and the best time to buy your candy is October 27th, when it’ll cost you about $1.94 per unit. Not surprising, the longer you wait, the worse things get with October 30th being the absolute worst day to buy candy, with folks likely to shell out about $2.75 per unit of candy.

Overall, kids living in the Pacific Northwest will likely get the biggest haul of candy, based on the average candy purchases per person. In fact, kids in Oregon have it the absolute best, with Oregonians spending $40.29 per person on candy, which is more than any other state, with Washington following close behind.

Top Five Best States For Trick or Treaters

  1. Oregon
  2. Washington
  3. New Jersey
  4. Utah
  5. California

On the flipside, kids in Ohio are bound to be left disappointed, with folks in that state spending the least on candy, only $11.22, which is less than 5-dollars off the national average. Michigan is third worst for spending on Halloween candy.

Top Five Worst States For Trick or Treaters

  1. Ohio
  2. Georgia
  3. Michigan
  4. Alabama
  5. Colorado

What? I grew up in Michigan and was never disappointed in my Halloween stash. Okay, maybe we get one too many Bible comics here, but in the end, it's all good. And I always hand out top of the line candy every Halloween, and everyone gets three pieces, so stuff it, Ibotta! No Baby Ruth's for you!

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