Just in time for the Holidays, here comes a potential liquor shortage. Here's why.

According to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, the state has just three authorized distribution and one of them, Republic National Distributing has been having some severe software problems at its warehouse in Livonia, which has caused a huge kink in its operations.

How big of a kink? Well, some Detroit area bars have noted some brands have become unavailable.

Johnny Prepolic at Mr. B's in Royal Oak told ClickOnDetroit.com his staff has had to steer customers to other brands.

“It’s very inconvenient for us," Prepolec said. "What it’s really come down to is that we’re getting our deliveries a couple days late.”

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission has jumped in and is putting in a corrective plan to address the liquor shortage.

"We are holding RNDC (Republic National Distributing Company) accountable on how they plan to fix this situation for our licenses," said Michigan Liquor Control Commission Chair Pat Gagliardi in a statement Friday."It's our priority to ensure our licenses have their shelves stocked for the public, especially in advance of the holiday season."

Here in Grand Rapids, the brands noted by local bar owners as being low in stock are Jameson's whiskey and Tito's vodka.

Bar owners say they worry if this continues, it will begin to cut into their sales.

“Maybe people aren’t drinking as much because we don’t have the products on hand or maybe they’re going somewhere else where they do have that specific product,” O'Toole's manager Kyle Dobrowolski told WOOD-TV 8. 



The state of Michigan's website has since created an online complaint report for licensed liquor retailers who are experiencing issues ordering spirits.



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